Chat-bots also known as bots are set to be the digital breakouts for 2016 thanks to communication platforms like Slack, Facebook and Telegram .

There is a conversational commerce platform using several technologies for instant messaging. More than others companies like Helloumi using artificial intelligence and NLP may be a solution in WhatsApp Customer Service o lo que es lo mismo, la plataforma número 1 de WhatsApp para empresas

So lets break this down ,what are these bots and why should you care? Whatsapp are automated messaging interfaces. Believed to be the new apps, they help handle requests that would normally require a phone call or web search like airline tickets, dinner reservations, reading the news and basically everything else that exists as an app today.

Most of the current chatbots run within communication tools like messenger, slack and telegram but can also be built as stand alone interfaces. Currently, a chat-bot’s interaction is limited to text and some pictures. As a result they are lightweight,use far less data than almost any alternative i.e websites. They therefore can be used on both smartphones and low-end phones. This presents numerous opportunities for emerging market businesses where phones and data are expensive. If adopted they can help business further and better engage with their customers/users.